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    Period 9 Feng Shui, Period of Fire

    The Period of 9 begins on 4th February 2024. This is significant, because the energies of the world change, having tremendous implications on the luck of all buildings for the next 20 years. This book wil guide you through all the different things you can do to take advantage of this period change to capture great good fortune luck for the next 20 years.


    Learn how...

    • The Period 9 Chi of the next 20 years affects your home.

    • To design your living space to maximize your good fortune.

    • To tap the new lucky star combinations depending on your house orientation.

    • To make minimal changes for maximum benefits.

    • To protect against reversals of fortune.

    • To safeguard against health afflictions and to keep all family members safe.

    • To tap the wealth luck of the Period of 9.


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