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    Lillian Too Feng Shui for Love e-Magazine

    Maximize your love potential and energize your love relationships with Feng Shui What lifts us all up and gives our lives meaning and purpose are one and the same - a life filled and lived with love. The proof is all around us. A effortless conversation with a friend, the first moment you cradle your newborn, the comfort of coming home to the ones you love. Though many of us enjoy these moments, a lot of you are still working on it.


    This special edition Feng Shui for Love & Romance e-Magazine is for you. Let this be the year you find love. Let it be the year you find satisfying relationships or heal broken ones.


    Lillian Too Feng Shui for Love e-Magazine Spanish

    ¡Maximice su potencial amoroso y energice sus relaciones amorosas!​ Lo que nos eleva a todos y le da significado y propósito a nuestras vidas es lo mismo: una vida llena y vivida con amor. La prueba está a nuestro alrededor. Una conversación sin esfuerzo con un amigo, el primer momento en que acunas a tu recién nacido, la comodidad de volver a casa con tus seres queridos. Aunque muchos de nosotros disfrutamos de estos momentos, muchos de ustedes todavía están trabajando en ello. Esta edición especial del revista electrónico Feng Shui para el amor y el romance es para ti. Que este sea el año en que encuentres el amor. Que sea el año en que encuentres relaciones satisfactorias o sanes las rotas.


    Lillian Too Feng Shui for the Garden e-Magazine

    Garden Feng Shui is in many respects the most important part of Feng Shui practice, for it is here that the quality of the energy that surrounds your living space is determined. There is nothing more important than this in the practice of Feng Shui. If you can ensure that the Feng Shui that surrounds the exterior of your home is good, then the auspicious energies that are created will far surpass anything else you may do inside the home. If you have a garden, it is vital to ensure that the Feng Shui of this part of your living space is correct before attempting to think of the inside of the home. I wish you plenty of Feng Shui luck, but I also hope you have great fun designing and building a Feng Shui garden as you creatively use the principles contained in this e-Magazine.


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