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What to do about cramped spaces & narrow corridors

When you are practicing feng shui in your home, a few of the things to watch out for are cramped spaces and dark corners. This is because stagnant chi accumulates which in turn causes the energy to be stale resulting in illness, lethargy and general apathy.

Cramped spaces suggest that your life is not smooth flowing and there is little room to move so the chi stagnates. Of course this affects your life, your business and your relationships. You will encounter obstacles that block your happiness and success.

Things that can make a space feel cramped are low ceilings and the fact that the actual room itself may be very small. Narrow hallways and tight staircases also cause this affliction.

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Antidotes For Cramped Spaces
The best antidotes for cramped spaces are white paint, bright lights and keeping the area clean. Take a look around your home now and check to see if there are any corners in your home where stagnant chi could be accumulating. If you find them (and you probably will), you should immediately set to cleaning the space and if you sense that the corner or area feels stale or “dead” then add some sound and incense to revitalize and make the chi come alive again.

You can also paint the walls with a light coloured paint. White is the best colour as it is a strong yang colour that will compliment all other colours. You’ll notice an immediate lift when you pain the cramped spaces in this manner – they will instantly look and feel brighter and lighter.

Once the cleaning and painting are completed, add some soft warm lights to further improve the flow of energy. Keep them on all through the day. You will find as you follow these simple steps, that the flow of chi will improve and the obstacles you have been experiencing will start to dissolve – things will begin to move for you again.