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What’s in Your Handbag?

 Ok…so all us women know that our handbags seem to be the ultimate storehouses of junk…receipts, credit card slips, keys, coins, wallets, pens and notes jotted on small bits of paper…not to mention odds and ends handed to us by our children to take care of! An amazing collection of clutter!

What does your handbag look like right now? Here's what you may not realize…it's exactly this type of clutter that causes the chi energy associated with your finances and good fortune to become stagnant and when that happens money dries up and income slows down. 

It's a very good idea to clean your handbag at least once a week…this keeps the chi and your good fortune flowing. You'll also feel less frustrated when looking for something in your handbag once you clean out the unnecessary items and trash. Take a few minutes and do this right now.