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Vase with Bats of Abundance

This beautiful Vase features the traditional symbols of abundance – the five BATS which not only bring plenty of good fortune, they also ensure that such abundance gets stored and accumulates for the family. The colours of this vase represent wealth in different permutations – yellow for asset wealth and blue for cash flow wealth.

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The Vase is one of the 8 Auspicious Symbols of material well-being and displaying a collection of vases in the home always attracts good fortune in abundance.

The Chinese also associate the five BATS with 5 blessings – WEALTH, HEALTH, LOVE, LONG LIFE and a NATURAL DEATH. Here the 5 bats symbolize abundance of wealth coming into your life. It ensures you can sustain your auspicious lifestyle. 

Display with other auspicious vases in the home to generate a powerful magnet for great prosperity and good fortune to benefit your whole family.

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