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Use sea salt to remove negative energy

Place a small amount of rock salt into a bowl and dip both of your hands into it…rub your hands vigorously together until you feel your palms tingle with the power of the sea salt crystals. Shake off any remaining salt and then place the palms of your hands together about one inch above your head and slowly bring your hands down your body as if stroking it…all the way down from the top of your head to your feet. Imagine and feel that you are brushing away all the negative vibrations …do it three times for the left and right sides, three times for the front and three times for the back.

Now shake your hands a few times and fling off all the negativities. Wash your hands in salt and then soap to cleanse your hands symbolically. This is a wonderful practice…do this for a week and see how you feel!

Tap into your spiritual chi, nurture and feed your spirit and cleanse yourself of any negative energy at the end of the day.

With love,