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Touching base with your heart

There is no better time than now to focus on issues that are troubling you from the edge of your consciousness. It is by confronting unresolved issues that you have conveniently hidden away in the inner recesses of your heart that you can find the solace you need.

Sit down in a quiet place outside, or in a room with an open window and view to your yard or garden and breathe deeply, energizing the breath or chi inside you. Tune into your invisible channels and visualize fresh transparent chi as a white light flowing into and through your body, bringing about a lightness of being that is instantly refreshing.

Begin by gently going over in your mind everything that is causing pain in your heart. Perhaps it is something to do with a loved one? Or a misunderstanding between you and a friend that needs to be addressed. You could be having problems at work, arguments and rifts with your children…or you may be dealing with heartbreak caused by betrayal or an unfaithful spouse.

Think through what to do now and how to cope. Don’t try to deal with all the issues at once…take it step by step. Just thinking through the issues that disturb your mind and heart will have a calming effect.

Remember to look out into the scenery as far as the eye can see, even as you think. Then as you speak with your inner self you will not lose touch with reality…with the world around you.

Touching base with your heart…tuning within does not mean blocking out the rest of the world. It merely means allowing light into your heart.

With love,