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The power of HUM

HUM is a powerful message to bring to mind if you ever feel like you are in danger of if someone is trying to harm you. Just close your eyes and bring this image to mind and then imagine the light radiating outwards around you. This will instantly steady your breathing, calm your fears and keep you safe. To enhance the effect of HUM even further, recite the sound hum, hum, hum, hum hum under your breath. It will instantly blow away anything that is threatening to harm you.

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Meditate and Get Divine Help By Visualizing HUM at Your Heart

Here is a 5-minute meditation to activate your inner spirituality using the symbol HUM.

As you mediate focus on the heart and chest area. Place an eight-petalled lotus there with a bright light white above it. The light radiates outward like the sun; then the syllable “HUM” slowly appears. It is blue in colour and it is glowing with a radiance that is almost blinding in intensity. It sits on top of the lotus and it transforms the white light into the brightest blue light. As the bright blue Hum stabilizes inside your mind, you meditation will also stabilize. Stay with this meditation image for a few minutes and then imagine the blue light transforming into white light before eventually fading. This is a five minute meditation to get you used to seeing the white light, the sacred syllable HUM, the blue light and then back to the white light again seeing all this with your mind.

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Practice this visualization once a day either in the early morning when you waken or at night before going to bed. With practice will come many wonderful experiences. In the beginning you are sure to get distracted, but each time the mind wanders away from the white light or the eight-petalled lotus or the HUM symbol, open your eyes and look at the image again.

You will find that this is an easy visualization and that it is very calming. In no time at all you will be able to hold the image and begin to access your own inner spirituality. You may want to make a note in your journal of your experiences if you feel this would be helpful.