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The elegant bathroom...still a feng shui taboo?

In feng shui, toilets and bathrooms have long been thought to be afflicted areas of the home…where we flush down our waste…and there are many taboos associated with them. However in newer homes and modern condos the bathroom has taken on a new dimension… with beautiful granite vanities and sumptuous tubs for soaking and relaxing. There are hundred of shower heads to choose from…not to mention all the gorgeous hardware available. Many women spend hours in their bathrooms getting ready for work or for an evening out!

So how do we reconcile this dilemma? It’s actually quite simple…and really common sense. Here’s what to do:

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    1. Make sure your bed doesn’t share a wall with the toilet. It’s alright if your bedroom is right next to the bathroom (ensuite), but do make sure that it is not your head and bed that share the toilet wall…instead share with the sink or the mirror etc. Even better…try your bed in a different location in your room and have your dresser or some other piece of furniture against the bathroom wall.

    2. Your bathroom can be big and spa-like but keep the toilet separate from your main bath area. It is better if you keep the toilet in another small room within the bathroom…and keep the door closed at all times when not in use - this will allow you to decorate as much as you like without being afraid of activating toilet feng shui.

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    3. Avoid bathroom fixtures: When you choose golden or gilded taps and fittings it’s not only a bit ostentatious…it’s really bad feng shui. Taps wash things away…and if yours are gold you are symbolically draining or flushing away all of your money luck. Choose stainless steel or ceramic materials…but not gold.

    4. No toilets above the main door – just think about it. Imagine having a toilet above the most important sector of all - your main door. Seriously…always check this before you make any offers on a new home or move into a rental unit. If you already live in such a home…it’s strongly recommended to spend the money to make the necessary changes – either move your bathroom or the main door. This configuration not only brings bad luck but it’s dangerous too.

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    5. Choose the right colours for your bathroom. Don’t make the bathroom colours too yin…it’s okay if your bedroom colours are more subdued and a little more yin than yang…but bathrooms should be a little more yang. Bright colours like whites, creams and pastels work a lot better than blacks, maroons or navy. Tip the balance slightly in favor of yang and your bathroom will be fine.

    6. Carpeting the bathroom is a nice touch and many people like this…although ceramic tiles are actually better. If you do have carpeting then make sure you maintain it and don’t let it get too wet or overly damp. This will create a nasty mildew-like smell and emit unhealthy chi. Use small foot carpets on top of your main carpet to avoid this.

    Bathrooms will always be considered taboo to some extent no matter how fancy they are. The most important thing to remember is to keep them away from the NW and SW areas of your home as these represent the areas of the patriarch and matriarch respectively and if located in these locations all of the luck will be flushed away. And this means all your luck too since it affects the good fortune of the rest of the family.

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    Don’t stress too much - but do keep these simple rules in mind and follow the above guidelines…then enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.

    All the best,

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