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The Dragon in 2021

The Dragon in 2021...

Many successes await the Dragon-born. You have enormous potential so this is a year to go after the big dreams! The only drawback will be your low spirit essence causing you to lack staying power. While you have many diverse opportunities coming your way, focusing on a few will reap better rewards than trying to do too much. Balance work with rest and play to avoid burn-out. Wear amulets to protect against afflictive stars. A year when staying committed will be your key to success!

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Dragon Born 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 or 2012

- Boost success luck with the Victorious Windhorse Carrying a Jewel.

- Transform 5 Yellow with the Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda.

- Improve investment luck with the Asset Wealth Bull.

- Stay safe with the 28 Hums Protection Wheel.

- Attract Heaven Luck with the Celestial Water Dragon.

- Get your timing right with the Lunar Mansions Amulet.

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