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Taking a feng shui walk for luck

Taking a walk is not only good exercise…it’s a way to change your luck too!

The next time everything seems to be going wrong for you…or you just feel down – the best thing to do is symbolically shrug your shoulders and go for a walk. Do this with the specific intention of snapping out of your funk.

Look – sometimes we just get hit with bad feng shui…or we have a run of bad luck with the change of a day, month or year. That’s because there is a time dimension to your periods of good and bad luck and why it’s absolutely necessary to update your feng shui annually and monthly and to always be acutely aware of any changes in the chi condition around you.

Many old Taoist masters recommend going for a walk to transform bad luck…or to stop a losing streak or series of negative events…to change your bad luck into neutral/ good luck instead. But it isn’t just any ordinary walk…they recommend that you go on a feng shui walk!

Walking The Dragon

Choose a nice bright and sunny day with few clouds. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and walking shoes and take your dog with you if you like. Be sure to start between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. (Hour of the Dragon) as going at this time of day means you are “walking the dragon.”

Choose terrain with slight hills – and go uphill to start and then downhill. This signifies victory over difficult times so a slight gradient is preferred.

You can walk for about two hours…and during that time be sure to turn a corner. Do this at least three times and as you turn the corner say to yourself that you are turning the corner on bad luck. If you turn the corner at least three times, it’s believed that your troubles will end and the worst is over. You’ve turned the corner and your bad luck is behind you.

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Crossing the Bridge Ritual

If bad times are really severe…then it’s beneficial to perform the “crossing the bridge ritual”. This is very powerful. Find a bridge whose size and the river it spans are comparable to the size of your problem. Then walk across the bridge with great resolve without looking back. You must not look back.

Sprinkle rice and flowers or light incense as offerings to the local protector guardians at the bridge you are crossing. They are most helpful and will keep you safe and a small offering will do. Once you cross the bridge keep moving and do not look back. It’s best to arrange for someone to pick you up and don’t use the same bridge to return home.

This is a powerful ritual and is very effective for regaining whatever you may have lost…such as power, position, your good name and income.

Good Luck!