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Step up your luck

The staircase of your home is important…and many feng shui practitioners often overlook it. There are many wonderful ways of enhancing the feng shui of your staircase to encourage good fortune to rise and make its way to the private quarters of the family. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Always keep the staircase and landing well lit since this attracts the chi to flow up the stairs.

2. Hang a lucky or auspicious painting at the landing. A nice family portrait is okay here.

3. If you have a narrow staircase you can overcome this by hanging a large mirror that will visually widen it. This should be on the side wall of the staircase and will allow for even greater good fortune.

4. Make sure that your staircase steps are solid and there are no holes in between the steps. This ensures that the money in the family will not seep out. If you do have holes between the steps the immediately close them with additional pieces of wood.

5. Your staircase should not immediately face the front door. If so the chi will fly too quickly up the staircase upon entering the home. To counter this you can place a screen in the entry to divert and slow down the chi.