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Spiritual spring cleaning

Have you ever wondered about the nature of your thoughts and why you look at things the way you do? Most people that tend to be unhappy seem to focus on their troubles; their pains and illnesses while happy people are more confident and optimistic…and generally more positive about things.

The truth is that we all create our own reality and hold the key to our own power and success…and it's always helpful to undertake some mental spring cleaning to get things back in balance on your life on the right track.

But this takes work…serious work. Do you think happy and successful people don't have problems too? Of course they do – we all do but it's how we look at things and the actions that we take that make a great difference.

We all have trouble spots that are blocking our success, health and happiness. Such mental blocks obstruct the natural flow of chi in our minds and bodies and cause both physical and mental problems. The important thing is to identify your 'mental blocks" and eliminate them…but that's easier said than done!

Here's the thing – you mustn't try to do it all at once. The real secret is to break down your big issues into smaller ones and then tackle each one step by step. Once you begin to think like this and identify certain obstacles in your life then even more issues will show up! It can be discouraging but that's just the way life is…its part of the process.

So learn to depend on yourself and turn inward…begin your mental spring-cleaning this week. You'll be amazed at how your energy level will change and you'll feel lighter as your spirits are lifted and you begin the process of internal cleansing. It's not easy but well worth your effort!



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