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Shakyamuni Buddha

Reflecting on Buddha's name is a powerful meditation. If you like you can be walking while you do this or sitting quietly anywhere where you can have a few moments to yourself.

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Lower your eyes and gently push other thoughts out of your mind. Breathe through your nose as normally as you can, but be aware of your breath. Now breathe into your chest and stomach area and feel these fill up ... then breathe out again slowly… watching your breath ... all the while thinking Buddha Buddha Buddha. Do this once, twice, three times a day for five minutes each time all through the next week.

You can follow this with reciting the mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha.


If you like this meditation, you can continue to do it daily. This easy meditation has many many benefits. Reciting Shakyamuni’s name, his mantra and praises creates the cause for realizations and understandings to arise – the wisdom mind which when merged with the realization of compassion (Bodhichitta) puts one on the path to enlightenment.