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Selecting a good location for your home

It’s summer in many parts of the world – a time when many people put their homes on the market to sell or they are looking for a new home to buy. For thousands of years people have depended on feng shui principles to guide them smoothly through these transactions and the power and effectiveness of feng shui in real estate is just as strong today as ever.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when selecting property that pertain mainly to terrain:

  1. Check the terrain!  Don’t fall in love with the house and fail to look around outside.  Be mindful of the way the roads are laid out and as a general rule there should be nothing straight and sharp edged pointing at the property. If you are viewing a lot to build on, make sure the land is the same level as the road if possible.  Land that lies below the road level is generally more difficult to develop and less conducive to good feng shui.
  2. Look for natural water nearby. This should be flowing water and not stagnant – and the cleaner it is the better in terms of bringing a flow of good fortune to you. Generally water at the front of the property is better than water at the back.  Of course a view of the sea in the distance is excellent feng shui but it’s best to avoid living right on the beach or too near to the sea.
  3. Look at the local landscape.  A field facing a building site is excellent feng shui as it represents a bright hall.  The good chi can settle and accumulate in front of your home bringing good fortune.  Facing a river that flows past the home is also excellent.  However if you face a hostile building or hill it suggests obstacles and misfortune.
  4. Don’t buy land or property located between two roads – especially if they are major highways. This suggests that any house built there will be “hemmed in”.
  5. Always check compass directions – this goes without saying but you would be surprised at the number of people who fail to check directions and properly work out the orientation of a house. It’s very important to harmonize with your personalized good fortune directions and those of the patriarch and other family members.
  6. Observe the surrounding buildings and hill formations to ensure that there is nothing threatening you.  Physical afflictions like triangular roof lines pointed in your direction or straight arrow like protrusions can be terribly harmful and it is better to avoid them. Although we have elemental cures for this type of feng shui problem I suggest you avoid them altogether if possible.

Wishing you successful house hunting or selling…or whatever type of real estate venture you are involved in!