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Revitalizing your house chi

You must always ensure that your home stays alive with yang energy and you can start by keeping it really clean, well maintained and free of clutter. Clean homes that are kept in top condition enjoy good feng shui – it’s that simple.

Now this means everything in your house has to work – the plumbing, electricity, doors and windows etc. Light bulbs must never be left unchanged when they go out and it’s important to remove and dead and wilting plants.

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If you revitalize your home, you are actually replenishing yang energy. If you feel your house is getting “sleepy” then yin spirit formation is probably seeping in and it’s time to do something about it. You don’t have to deal with actual construction work like installing new windows or doors – you can accomplish your energy replenishment by repainting, moving furniture, adding new, vibrant plants…things like this.

And by the way if you are selling your house or you’re a new homebuyer this is very important. You should also add some "cosmic revitalization" with the spiritual feng shui rituals that I describe in my upcoming Feng Shui For Real Estate Digital Handbook online course. Actually everyone should use these rituals no matter what!

When you reenergize your home like this, it is very good for you health and for bringing new opportunities to all areas of your life. Even if you update your Flying Star annually and monthly as I do, you can’t ignore this revitalization aspect of good feng shui.

And here’s one more tip today – stay relaxed at all times – don’t be too obsessive or dogmatic about your approach to feng shui! Do the best you can and always be aware of the “sleepy” energy seeping in – you know what to do!

To your continued success!