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Replenish and empower your precious spiritual chi

Your energy and inner chi…your life force should flow like a meandering river of light through the chakras of your body. When it becomes blocked or is forced to stop, the cause for illness and depression is created.

Your spiritual chi is therefore very precious and it needs to constantly be fed and replenished to empower it. When we tap into this higher energy within us we begin to create more and more of it. Make it a daily habit to tune inward, so your spiritual chi communicates with your mind at a conscious level.

Feed your spirit by tapping into the beauty around you…expose yourself to the creative beauty of art, music and others sounds and smells. There is a multitude of such sensory delights available to all of us.

Make a conscious effort to avoid environments that are not spiritually healthy…and avoid gloomy pessimistic people who feed on your chi and leave you drained each time you meet them. Instead seek out the people who bring out the best in you and help to nurture your spirit and open spiritual pathways for you.

Shopping all day in crowded malls or shopping centers will drain you of energy and leave you feeling exhausted so at night be sure to sleep with a glass of water mixed with rock salt next to your bed (sea salt is another form of rock salt). This will cleanse your aura of all the negative vibrations picked up during the day.