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Relationship problems?

Do you have love or relationship problems? It seems like many of you do - based on the emails that I receive. Ironically you may unknowingly be creating havoc in your love life right now if you’re unaware of certain bedroom taboos.

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So here are just a few quick reminders. It’s not really a good idea to have fresh flowers in your bedroom even if they do look gorgeous because green plants and flowers represent the wood element and imply yang energy. Excess yang energy causes problems and it’s believed may even cause your partner to develop a “roving eye” if peonies or plum blossoms are placed in the bedroom.

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Keep your work out of the bedroom as well…computers add more yang energy and the bedroom should be calm and quiet. We’re all so connected (and addicted) to our devices these days! Be sure to choose the right colours for your bedroom based on the elements and location and keep them muted rather than too bright. Finally, be careful of mirrors – any mirror reflecting the bed represents a crowded marriage! And even if you’re not married its not a good idea to have a mirror reflecting the bed as some believe this invites ghosts and spirits wile you sleep! By the way, the computer screen acts the same way as a mirror!

When we do our feng shui we often focus on putting certain cures and enhancers in place, which are of course very necessary, but it’s equally important to remember the basics such as I have described above.