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Prevent the Death of Sheng Chi

Sheng Chi (or good, positive energy) will scatter and dissipate if the winds are blowing too fast. So, Sheng Chi outside your home gets dissolved or gets blown away when there are big winds. When energy is flowing too fast, such as there’s a straight road coming towards you, for example, that’s energy moving very fast aimed at you. That’s bad because that creates the death of Sheng Chi. 

Sheng Chi also evaporates whenever there is too much noise like when there is too much shouting and yelling in the house, when there’s too much quarreling and fighting, Sheng Chi also evaporates just like flowing down a raging river. But when people are gentle with each other, when there’s harmony within the house, it attracts Sheng Chi. And the presence of this Sheng Chi creates yet greater harmony within the house. 

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