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Paht Chee online course closes tomorrow

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One thing I am very proud in my career as an author and teacher, is my ability to simply; to break down complicated methodologies and feng shui principles into new learning formats that everyone can easily understand. I’m always frustrated, as I’m sure you are, with books and courses that complicate and confuse…instead of leading the student through the material in an easy and understandable way. I’ve always adhered to this philosophy of simplicity when writing my books or teaching courses and it has never failed me…or more importantly - any of you - my students!

Over a week ago I released my comprehensive online course on Paht Chee reading. It has always been a sell out course! This is a subject that many say cannot be taught simply…it’s too complicated with so many steps and takes years of practice! I won't argue about the years of practice - because we all know that everything gets better with practice - but I can tell you that the 12-module course I have created, including videos, fully illustrated and comprehensive supplemental study guides and training modules (that we will mail to you) meet the promise and will fulfill all your expectations. You will be able to understand and read your own Paht Chee chart and the charts of others once you study and use my easy-to-follow steps.

You see, when you can read your paht chee or your birth chart, it’s really the key to knowing yourself! There are so many secrets held within this chart…and the deeper you go into the analysis the more secrets about yourself it reveals.

I think everyone loves to have his or her fortune read. We love to know when, for example, we will marry or the big money will roll in - when the elements are favourable and when they are not. After all, so much depends on timing…and that is why being able to read your Paht Chee is such a fabulous resource!

Registration closes tomorrow. I hope you do not miss out! Click HERE for more information.


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