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Nurturing the guardian spirit

of your home

All homes have guardian spirits and they must be nurtured, kept happy so the energy they exude is always light and happy. They Guardian spirits are different from the cosmic protectors and deities; they are also not the same as the Spirit landlords of your home The spirit of the home is not an entity, not a ghost and certainly not a deity.

The spirit of the home is the chi energy of the home. When the chi energy of the home is happy, an aura of happiness pervades the home and when it is unhappy it sends out depressive vibrations. It is easy to feel this chi energy; in fact there is no way to hide it, so it is necessary to nurture this chi energy.

Happy energy is light and welcoming, while depressive energy tends to feel heavy and unwelcoming. The chi energy of all homes absorbs the energy of its residents. Depressive feelings and angry emotions stick to walls ad permeate into the invisible spirit guardian of the home. Over time, negative spirit energy sends the luck of the home into a downward spiral. This is when things start to go wrong and bad luck becomes more corrosive in their effect.

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Think of the spirit of your home as the collective chi energy of all its residents; it reacts to events happening within, it reflects the attitudes and emotions of its occupants. The combined energy vibrations emanated by residents thus play a big part in determining the quality of the home’s spirit guardian.

Buildings take on the energy of their occupants; the flow of chi reflects the dominant chi that pervades the environment…a happy home not only has a happy spirit but its chi strength is tough and stable. A joyous air always attracts positive results while a despondent atmosphere pulls in loss situations and negative outcomes.

You Must Uplift Visible & Invisible Chi Energy

Homes are influenced by chi energy, which is invisible – but the quality of the chi energy is influenced by both the visible aspects of the surroundings as well as by invisible elements – the latter requires spiritual purification and appeasement rituals to be remedied.

If problems afflicting your home appear too severe with nothing obviously wrong physically, then it is always a good idea to investigate the provenance of the home –especially if it is very old or has a bad history like a violent burglary, murder etc.

Bad chi energy can and does linger, and unknowing new owners can inherit tainted chi energy - so it is always a good idea to undertake site purification before moving into a new home.

This uplifts the chi energy as any kind of purification ritual irrespective of its tradition or spiritual lineage usually involves appeasing lingering spirits who may be unhappy and in need of prayers to help them on their way. This is usually the case with haunted houses with terribly unhappy and desperate spirits.

Your feng shui master should be able to do simple purification ceremonies and it does not matter if there tradition is Buddhist, Taoist or any branch of some other religious tradition. However, the more advanced rituals are normally undertaken only by experienced masters. Some of the more simple purifications include offering special mixtures to the local spirits, tracing the nine flying stars chi energy of the current year as well as the eight door alignments rituals. These are simple feng shui relate rituals and are often accompanied by special blessing invocations which can be transmitted to those wishing to gain simple empowerments to undertake the rituals themselves.