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Mystical symbols of past and present

In Taoist feng shui there are many versions of mystic symbols which can be empowered to become talismans and amulets. In times long ago, the patriarchs and ladies of the upper classes wore these symbols, as did the mandarins and officials of the court. These symbols were treated like talismans and were often worn as jewelry pieces either as rings or pins. Some were even worn as hairpieces, while others were hidden inside robes and secret belts.

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Often these protective amulets were drawn with sacred prayers written in calligraphy and were then consecrated by monks or holy men. Special auspicious gemstones such as blue lapis lazuli, red coral, turquoise, yellow amber, green jade and pearl coloured moonstones were also incorporated as finely embedded decorative energy enhancers. The selection of stones was usually based on astrological calculations. When coloured stones were used, they were fairly large pieces as they often doubled as symbols of authority and also represented the five elements.

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Some of the symbols popular amongst senior court officials and army generals included the Ru Yi (symbol of authority), the longevity symbol and the mystic knot. Each had a specific meaning and when empowered were believed to bring better health, strength and vigour as well protection against unnatural death by accident or execution.

Over the years I have been collecting some old talismans from China and surrounding countries. Some pieces have inspired some of my feng shui jewelry…I am a big believer as you know in wearing jewelry and gemstones that have auspicious meanings. After all, these mystical symbols and gemstones have been worn for thousands of years in many different cultures and they are as powerful today as in the past. Be sure to visit to view our auspicious jewelry collection!