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Mystical Flying Stars

Time feng shui (Flying Star) is very potent and powerful. It must not be ignored and you should always factor it into your feng shui practice with yearly updates. In the old days this part of the feng shui practice was a closely guarded secret used by the Masters and passed on only to favoured disciples. Each year they would update their client’s feng shui and no explanations were given. In this way a kind of “mysticism” came to be associated with the practice of feng shui. This was because the time changes in feng shui were so potent and powerful that it’s effect would manifest quickly bring fame and fortune to the feng shui consultant.

Thankfully today many of the important “secrets “of Flying Star Feng Shui and updates are available and the good news is my upcoming course on Flying Star Feng Shui clearly helps you understand all the formulas and decipher the specific flying star chart that applies to your home or office. With this chart in hand you can determine the luck map of own space and arrange the necessary cures and enhancers according to what the luck map reveals.