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Looking sloppy isn't good feng shui

If you’re at all like me you know how important it is to dress well and look nice. You never know whom you will meet – either out shopping, at work on just walking down the why on earth would you leave for work in the morning or just go to the grocery store looking sloppy? It’s not good feng shui either.

Look - I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying this...but I really don’t approve of these “torn” jeans that some designers are selling for amazingly high prices! Why would you want to appear poor? Because that’s what it looks are coming from a place of poverty and NOT prosperity.

I’m not old fashioned and in fact I always keep up with the latest styles and fashion news. Having been in the business world for many years and running a bank in Hong Kong as well as a department store...well I know how important first impressions are – they can make or break a deal! So please, don’t be lazy about your appearance and take the time to put yourself together every day in a way that is pleasing to others and also to you!

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One thing that will always add glam to your look is a gorgeous scarf or shawl and naturally I recommend our own line of scarves and shawls here at - not only are they very pretty but they are protective as well! Be sure to visit the soon!