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Light up your love life today

Here’s an easy way to light up your love life and activate good romance luck in your home or apartment.

The elements that are most often associated with love are earth and fire…two compatible and supporting elements since fire produces earth. And even better…it is earth that is the more dominant for love so the fact that fire ignites and creates earth is really excellent.

Energizing the South and Southwest

Activate the south and southwest sectors of your home or apartment…or these same two sectors in your living room to attract more love opportunities into your life. Begin by using a reliable compass to determine the S and SW sectors of your home or a specific room and then go to work using all things red and bright lights as well.

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Why Use Fire?

The fire element activates these corners in an auspicious manner and it also represents yang energy which itself creates tangible forces conducive to love. If you really want to ramp up your efforts to jump start romance then hang a cluster of fire crackers in your southwest corner. This sounds crazy maybe but it works…and by the way it’s only symbolic so you certainly don’t need to light them! If you can’t find firecrackers then use some red candles in the south or southwest to activate. You don’t need to keep them lit…or even light them for that matter…but if you do light then occasionally it will give the chi in this area a real boost.

Use Powerful Earth Energy

Along with using fire energy in the south and southwest, be sure to energize the earth energy in your southwest corner, as this is the important sector that governs the quality and quantity of the romance and marriage luck in your life. I can assure you that some of the most powerful energizers for the southwest are crystals and auspicious objects made from semi-precious stones since they originate from deep within the earth and represent its bounty.

The presence of crystals in the southwest actually energizes the chi and creates an accumulation of energy, which draws love, romance and marriage to its occupants. Note that for a crystal to affect the chi of a space it must be of fairly good size or use several. Solid crystal balls are also very effective especially when fashioned into hearts – the universal symbol of love! Be sure to place them on the table (never on the floor) and activate them with a bright light (fire energy).

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My Special Tip: Take care of your crystals and don’t let others handle them. Remember that people’s vibrations leave their particular energy imprints on crystals, and when they are negative the crystals will then begin to emit negative vibrations. If you have quarreled near them with someone in your home, then wash them in a salt solution and place in the bright sunlight for about three hours.

Of course there are many other ways to activate and energize for love…but the above suggestions are a quick and easy way by making clever use of the two elements most associated with love.

Good luck!