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It's Time to Energize Your Desk!

· feng shui,Quick Tip

Having problems at the office? Do you feel you are not recognized for the work that you do? It may be time to energize your desk to attract some excellent work luck. You can do this by using objects symbolizing the five elements on your desktop.

First, demarcate your desktop using the Lo Shu grid and use your compass to mark out the corresponding compass directions of each of the spaces of the nine grids. Assuming there is room on your desktop, place these items in the following locations:

East - a vase of fresh flowers Southeast - a small green plant

West - phone should be located here or place your mobile here

Northwest - your computer or laptop

North - your morning coffee or tea

Northeast - a crystal or paperweight of crystal

South - a desk lamp or something red

Southwest - a piece or lapis or lapis globe

Check your Kua Number: if you know your kua number and your sheng direction, try to sit facing your sheng chi direction. If your sheng chi direction doesn't work, face one of the other three good directions according to your kua number. Don't know your kua number? Go to and enter your birthdate and gender to get it and all your good and bad directions.

I cannot tell you how much this one special tip helped me when I was the managing director of a bank in Hong Kong, and it will work for you too. Use your compass to determine your best directions, commit them to memory and sit facing one of them as much as possible. Don't skip this please. Check for bookshelves behind you

Check Your Desk Area: Always check your desk area for shar chi (bad energy) that may be coming your way from pointed arrows or other office shelving, bookcases etc. Place plants at your desk corner to deflect such energy. Be careful of bookshelves behind you - as these can be like cutting knives in your back. Install glass doors on bookcases to avoid this. Always make sure your view is unencumbered and you have a clear view of everything around you from where you are seated.

Final Tip: If your work has not been recognized, just continue as you are now doing. Don't become resentful or moody about this. Maintain your excellent work habits and soon your boss will notice you and the lack of effort of others will bring your shining star to light!Love,