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Invite the eight immortals...and the powerful energy of 8

The legendary Eight Immortals are reputed to be special celestial beings that have already gained immortality. Each of these Taoist saints symbolizes good luck empowerments, so by placing their images in your home you can invoke the good fortune energies of this period of 8 that we are now living through.

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There are so many legends associated with the Eight Immortals…but one of the most famous is the legend about them crossing the sea. During this voyage their particular powers and skills are put to great test…and this journey has come to symbolize our own trials and tribulations as we maneuver through everyday life. Having an image inside your home of the Eight Immortals crossing the waters helps you go through these struggles and emerge victorious!

Their presence in your home is also believed to activate the talismans that each of them carries which are said to be the source of their great power:

  • Zhang Guolao’s drum will help bring your family a good name.
  • Physical afflictions will be subdued by Lu Dongbin’s sword.
  • Han Xingzi’s flute will bring growth and development luck.
  • He Xiangu’s water lily will encourage the family luck to bloom!
  • Healing energy to the sick comes from Tie Guaili’s gourd
  • Zhong Liquan’s fan offers you protection.
  • Ao Guojiu’s jade disc will improve the feng shui of the environment.
  • Beauty and happiness are brought by Lan Caihe’s flower basket

Each of the Eight Immortals also represents the following: the two genders – male and female, the old and the young, the rich and the poor and the noble and humble. So accordingly, everyone from all levels of society can relate to and benefit from these celestial beings.

With the number 8 being so auspicious for everyone…there is no better time than now to place an image of these eight celestial beings in your home…thereby inviting the powerful energies of the Period of 8.