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I Free Myself

Our lives have been shaken one way or another by the last three years. For some, it might have felt like a gentle nudge from the Universe simply reminding them of things they might have taken for granted: visiting their parents more often, taking every chance you can get to spend time in nature, realizing how powerful and essential human contact actually is or becoming more uninvolved in your child's day to day.

For others, it wasn't quite a nudge. It was more like being swept up in a tornado so silent you never saw it coming. People who've lost jobs or worse, loved ones. People who were robbed of the chance to make amends, to fix what was broken, to say goodbye.

It has been surreal for everyone and it's too soon to admit that all is back to normal. Because it isn't. Far from it.

We like to pretend that it is when we're all still scratching our heads, re-organizing the pieces of the puzzle we were right in the middle of completing.

Denial is your enemy.

Denying your business is not what it used to be.

Denying how your finances crumbled in a matter of weeks.

Denying you need some me time.

Denying how you slacked on your health.

Denying how your cards are maxed out.

Denying that everything that happened, everything that changed, everything that went downhill and everything that you've lost didn't take a toll on your state of mind.

We're better off accepting what happened, acknowledging the present and seeing it for what it is. Only when our perspective passes a reality check of what is can we clearly see how high the mountain up ahead really is.

Only then can we plan accordingly and turn the remnants of disaster into stepping stones on which we can climb towards a life that not only resembles what once was but maybe something even better.

Despite the losses of the last three years, we can look at it as one big opportunity. The Universe's way of forcing us back into a blank slate and make right the things we previously took for granted. A chance to make backup plans more rigid, to create a more reliable safety net, to not let small hurts turn into lifelong regrets, to value and make more time for the things and people that truly matter.

Love and accept yourself whether you find yourself back at the bottom or just scrambling to get back up on your feet.

See the terrain in front of you, with all its bumps, rocky paths and steep slopes that appear impossible to trek. At some point you'll see people farther up and you'll know that if they managed to get there, so can you.

"Remember, no human condition is ever permanent.
Then you will not be overjoyed in good fortune
nor too scornful in misfortune."
- Socrates

It's time to move on,
Lillian Too's Mandala Member, Marge

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