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How to get unstuck

I occasionally get emails from people who tell me that they’ve done everything I suggested, put their cures in place (or enhancers) but things still aren’t going well for them. Nothing seems to be moving forward… and they tell me they just feel “stuck”.

This always triggers the “clutter” alarm in my brain. It’s really the first rule of feng shui. Your rooms (especially the ones that you use most frequently) should be uncluttered, clean and always be free of “messy” stuff. You know what I am referring to. Take a few minutes to pick up the magazines; a sweater or the empty glasses…get rid of the clutter.

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I also like my living room to be well lit, with an easy energy flow …so you can almost feel the flow and walk around without too much furniture to block the way. When furniture is arranged in this manner so that it is conducive to a winding, slow pathway for people to walk, the chi in the room will also move in such a way.

One time several years ago a good friend contacted me because she was having trouble in her business. They were losing bids they should have easily won and sales had plummeted. I stopped by the office and to my dismay the front office area was lined with old boxes filled with trash from a storage area they had cleaned out a few months back. They had delayed calling someone to remove all the clutter and rubbish. We immediately took care of the trash and sales returned!

Now this is a very simple concept…but one that many of us forget about. We’re too busy, the kids just mess it up anyway, I can’t get them to hang up their jackets…the excuses are many. But that’s all they are. If you’re feeling stuck, you haven’t received the promotion you deserve, you find yourself getting the flu more often…remember the first basic rule of feng shui. Check for clutter in your entryway and the rooms most frequently used in your home.