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Here's a Secret

As part of our year end celebrations, I'm going to share a little secret with you. 

Most people aren't ready for this kind of secret. It's the secret to getting absolutely anything you want. To attracting into your life all the things, people, and circumstances you dream of. It explains how masters become masters. Ready? 

Books + Practice. 

Because books are the foundation of wisdom and consistent application and practice of what you learn from them goes further than you could ever imagine. 

Now fight the temptation to simply nod and shrug it off. Do something! Immerse yourself in books on whatever it is you want to be a master of and practice what you learn. Then visualize just a little. Act with faith just a little.

Feed your mind, take action and expect a little miracle.

To turning the page in 2023.

Written by Lillian Too's Mandala Member, Marge

P.S. Congratulations to those who have taken advantage of our End of Year Book Sale. We hope you’ve started enjoying reading and learning from them. These are some of my best sellers throughout the years. There are still some left, just click this link before they run out. 

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