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Go with the flow

Spiritual feng shui teachings always point out the benefits of going with the flow…not fighting against the direction of the wind, not swimming upstream against the currents, and refraining from causing or creating imbalances in the energy around you.

When you "go with the flow" the natural balance of energy is achieved at all times and symmetry is suggested. This is the reason that feng shui recommends regular rather than irregular shapes…such as the shape of your room or furniture…and rounded curves rather than angles and sharp edges. It is why we prefer meandering pathways rather than straight lines.

A good example of "going with the flow" is how we adapt and react to the change of seasons…from heavier clothing for warmth in the winter to lighter clothing in the summer. When we build our homes we can see this "flow" as well in the materials we choose – wood floors with the grain running in the same direction, that marble on the floor flows in generally the same direction and slate tiles as well. All go along with the flow.

It therefore follows that the flow of chi within the home should move naturally and without obstruction due to obstacles such as clutter or misplaced furniture. Energy moves according to the physical patterns of the home…so watch the patterns on your floors, on your curtains and carpets and in the lines and traffic patterns of your home.

There is a rhythm to the flow of life, to the changing season and to the transformation of yin into yang and back into yin again. From the cold of winter into spring and the warmth of summer… then back to the coolness of autumn and winter again. Yin into yang and back into yin again. Keep the natural balance of energy in mind and go with the flow.


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