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Finding your mountain

If you are planning to purchase a new piece of art for your collection at home (or at work), why not consider a picture with mountain images. There is nothing really as beautiful and supportive as a range of mountains hanging behind you…something that can simulate the celestial protective turtle or the powerful almighty dragon.

Choosing your mountain painting is of course very personal, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

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1) Choose mountain paintings that look very majestic and unmovable (but still friendly) and that emit a balance of elements in sync with the wall you plan to hang the picture on. Mountains exude powerful earth energy and are suitable for walls on the southwest, northeast, west or northwest.

2) If your mountain painting has lots of lush vegetation and greens, then hang it on the east, southeast or south walls of your living room. If they are snow-topped mountains, this is excellent for the east, southeast and north of your home or room.

3) I don’t recommend unfriendly, hostile looking mountains that are barren and have many sharp triangular shaped peaks.

4) If your picture has mountains that are yellow or brown and look stony like granite, then this would be excellent placed on a southwest northeast, northwest or west wall.

5) Mountain paintings should always show the mountain dominating the valley. For example if the valley in the foreground takes up most of the picture with mountains in the far distance, then it will offer no support at all. It suggests the mountain is subservient to the valley and that you will fall over backwards. In feng shui we consider this type of painting quite fatal when it is hung behind you. If however you hang it on a wall facing you it could be quite auspicious. We must always be aware of what energy we are tapping into.

6) Mountain paintings should not have water flows and waterfalls, unless they are very tiny and dwarfed by the image of the mountain itself. This is because when we use mountain energy, it must be stronger than water energy!

Mountains are very supportive and emit powerful protective energy. It’s worthwhile to keep looking for a picture with mountains until you find one that is right for you!

To your success!