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Feng shui tips for your meditation space

Choosing a place to meditate is very personal but here are some special feng shui tips you may want to consider in order to enhance your meditation place and your practice as well.

Tip # 1: Location of Your Meditation Room

Try to meditate in a special room that you designate just for this purpose…or a special area of one room if you don’t have the luxury and space for one special meditation room only. It should be quiet and somewhere you will not be disturbed. The location is up to you but the room or area should not be directly above or below a kitchen or toilet or a heavy piece of furniture. A good location is always in the back half of your home.

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Tip # 2: On Color & Décor

The décor should obviously be calm and soothing and the temperature neither too hot nor cold…something that is comfortable for you. Generally the color you choose for this room is up to you but red, a yang and hot fire color is not recommended for a meditation room. The chi should flow easily and smoothly here so minimal approach with regard to furnishings is better. It goes without saying that the room should be sparkling clean and free of clutter.

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Tip # 3: The Altar in Your Meditation Room

Mediating in front of an altar is very calming and the preparation of your altar is of course a very personal matter. The presence of holy objects or figures such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mary or your own particular saint makes this altar and space unique to you and very special indeed. Do make sure that your altar does not share a wall with a toilet or the kitchen and there is no toilet directly above your altar. Also please check and ensure that the altar in your meditation area is not directly facing the door, because if you sit in front of it to face your altar to meditate your back will be to the door and this is very unfavorable from a feng shui perspective.

Tip # 4: Capturing Auspicious Chi For Meditation

Be sure when you meditate you orient your sitting position using proper feng shui which means according to your Kua number and the Eight Mansions Formula. This means that your head should face the direction deemed to be most auspicious for you and the chi that is coming towards you. In other words you are looking towards your most favorable direction.

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Here is a reference table for you indicating your best direction according to your kua number. You should face this direction as you sit in meditation. If you do not know your kua number then go to homepage and you will find a kua calculator in the top right corner and you can receive your kua number instantly.

I wish you continued success as you continue your mediation practices.

With love,