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Create magic in your life with

wish-granting symbols

There is increasing awareness of, and interest in cosmic magic, which basically is the material realm connecting with the spiritual realm. Awareness of this, coupled with the developed ability of the human mind creating images internally, has the power to actualize wishes that you generate inside your head, making your desires materialize like magic! Practicing this branch of inner feng shui is magic and uses secret and oftentimes sacred symbols that bridge the cosmic world with ours.

The great wealth symbols of the four primary compass directions (cardinal directions) on both sides of the cosmic divide are wish granting in their promise. They have survived the various centuries and evolved in different cultural and religious traditions. In some countries a few are treated with religious fervor while in others only one or two of the four have survived.

In the Tibetan traditions of cosmic magic practiced by the yogics and shamans the legend describes the four great cosmic wealths of the four cosmic continents of the four directions as follows:

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In the continent of the East is Purva-videha, it has a mountain of precious jewels and here the cosmic magic symbol is the wish granting jewel. Its power gets activated when an actual physical jewel is placed before you. Then you mediate and recite the Sanskrit mantras that invoke it’s energy to manifest your wishes into reality. Meditating on the jewel is incredibly effective as this focuses your internal mind energy on the powers of the jewel. You can also place the wish-granting jewel along the EAST wall of your living area.

Some people believe that the real cosmic continent, a pure land inhabited by Devas and powerful Deities in Wu Tai Shan…the holy mountain of Manjushri near Beijing.

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In the continent of the WEST is Apara-godaniya, which is represented by a wish granting cow whose urine and dung are liquid and solid gold! According to legend, this cosmic pure land of the west lies in northern India, hidden somewhere in the Himalayan Mountain range and can be accessed only through virtuous thought and pure hearts and minds.

The image itself is powerful, symbolizing great wealth that manifests as pure gold. This is perhaps why the cow is so highly revered and why its dung is used to build houses. The cow is usually featured in religious art often accompanying powerful deities of the Hindu tradition.

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In the continent of the North, Uttara-Kuru represents the continuous availability of crops always growing in abundance and always available. This is the wish granting harvest bringing the wealth of never-ending success.

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In the continent of the South, Jampud-vipa, are groves of wish granting trees bringing wealth that multiplies and grows. These same trees are also said to grow in the center of the heavenly paradise realm of the Hindu God Indra. This powerful tree is believed to grant all the wishes of those who invoke its energy. It manifests an abundance of divine wealth that takes shape as flowers and fruits appearing throughout the twelve months of the year with different kinds of fruit for each of the four seasons.

Usually the wish granting tree is visualized being laded with fruits, flowers, leaves and plenty of bejeweled ornaments, there are silk ribbons and birds, and at the top of the tree there are lotus flowers where rainbow light radiates outward. The wealth that is the wish fulfilling tree can be activated by your mind, making the wishes it wants to manifest into reality, into picture images of the tree bringing all that is wished for.

Create Magic In Your Life!

First we must develop familiarity with these four symbols so we know how and what to think of them. The best way to do this is by placing their images within close and constant range so that over time they become empowered by our minds energy simply by their presence. Knowing what they signify, believing in their significance and then systematically empowering them with focused thought is how to use auspicious symbols such as these to bring many good things and magic into our lives!

The four types of wealth are part of the Mandala offering that forms an important component of the Tibetan offering ritual that is practiced to this day and is believed to be very auspicious irrespective of whether the offering is real, symbolic or completely visualized in the mind. Indeed, a great deal of Tibetan cosmic magic involves the use of secret visualization techniques accompanied by secret incantations and mantras that require the correct symbolic tools and implements to be present.

This is an exciting dimension of luck creation and actualizing a good life!

With love,