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City living and catching the chi of abundance

I know that many of you live in the high-rise buildings and apartments so I’d like to share some feng shui tips with you today on living in these establishments.

Firstly many people who live in high-rise apartments find that it brings them money luck if the apartment is located on the upper rather than the lower levels. Staying higher up brings in lighter energy from the outside cosmic forces, which is more conducive to generating the auspicious chi of abundance. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that penthouses are always more expensive and in demand. The human race has a “natural instinct” for living closely with the cosmic environment.

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Also at the higher levels the winds are not as polluted by the dust and sounds of the lower levels. In fact, you’re nearer the clouds, which contain water-drenched air energy often saturated with wealth bringing chi! As you look out the window remember that clouds that come from your personal lucky direction can be very auspicious, especially when you have a huge open window to view them from. It’s almost like having a water feature in front of your apartment that nurtures your growth energy – wow – very auspicious. I bet you have never thought of clouds in this way.

Actually, any apartment above the ninth floor enjoys energy similar to what is on the higher floors and from a feng shui perspective it’s good not to be right on the top floor anyway. We think of the high-rise buildings in the city as mountains...and rooftops are like the tops of mountains. If you're up on the top you could be exposed to winds of hostility, especially if your large window faces a direction that is afflicted that year.

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And what if you live in a typhoon or hurricane prone area? You can safeguard yourself and your apartment from destructive winds and weather by inviting the Lord of the Earth into your home. The Chinese call him Ksiddhigarbha and he carries a staff to subdue the troublesome winds and weather. This falls into the practice of Spiritual Feng Shui where the energy of cosmic and worldly gods are engaged by creating their “image” presence inside homes.


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