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Activate your inner feng shui for quick success

Begin today to train your mind to think in empowering more positive and generous in nature and never let insecurities and negative emotions overshadow the real you. When you tune into your mind and train your consciousness and activate your inner feng shui, the attainment of your desires will become a reality. Here are a few ways to get started:

Stop Thinking So Small

Many of us set goals or benchmarks that are just too easy...and not challenging at all. And do you know what happens? Not much. Setting goals that are easily achievable doesn't excite or motivate us - they're not enough. Sure a small goal is still a goal...but think for a minute about a BIG goal...something that seems impossible or totally out of the question - maybe a dream or wish you've had for a long time.

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Now that's a different kind of energy...isn't it? You begin to live and breathe the dream and it fills you with motivational energy. You talk about it, write about it and it fills your life with real purpose.

Feel the magic of a seemingly impossible goal...taste the success, feel the positive energy. Don't set your sights too low. What would you do and how would your feel if you knew success was guaranteed and you could NOT fail?

Imagine It and Live With Purpose

When you have a vision, your mind has something exciting to focus on...refine and clarify your wishes and think about how to live your life in a more rewarding way. Creating your vision is more than just a's about making your life more exiting and meaningful. What you want may change from week to week or month to you'll need to extend your vision and include how you will conduct yourself and live your life.

This is how to generate yang energy and bring it to life! Begin to think empowering thoughts and ways to make your life more meaningful. Purpose is all about your inner spirit - it's your reason for living and gives meaning to your goals.

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Embrace Your Willpower & Confront Your Fears

Everyone has willpower so don't talk yourself out of anything...if you want something badly enough you can generate the willpower you need. We all have confront them. Fears arise from feelings of inadequacy, of being rejected or failing. It's difficult, but the only thing to do is face your fears squarely and confront them. Force yourself to take action and do the things you fear most.

Often when we take action the reality is a lot less fearful than expected.

Challenge Yourself Today

Challenge yourself today and you'll begin to feel a new kind of energy as you activate hidden talents and skills that have been asleep within you. Resist your comfort zones. The body and the mind both need rest, but strive to improve and increase the difficulty of your benchmarks and goals.

You'll be surprised at how you can seem to stretch your energy!

De-Program Negativity

Don't let negative pre-programming defeat you. Bring yang chi into your psyche and discard everything associated with your negative mindset. Remind yourself daily that you are an optimist and be sure to surround yourself with supportive, positive people and friends. Accept compliments gracefully and give them to others who deserve them.

Use your mind to mentally discard negative thoughts...and imagine all negativities flowing out of you. Sound too easy? Try it!

Enjoy Your Creative Side

Don't live your life reacting to circumstances that are often beyond your control. Begin to use both sides of your creative and step outside your head if you are too serious. Laugh, play and have some fun. Don't get caught up in life's small problems and let your creative energy grow stale and stagnant.

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We all have the ability to attain our highest potential. Begin by creating positive energy inside your mind that will activate the chi that makes your dreams come true. Begin to train your mind today to think in empowering ways. Begin to live with real purpose.

To your personal empowerment!