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8 feng shui guidelines for artworks and photographs

Many people ask me about what kind of art they should hang and where to hang it. I want to remind all of your that hanging art in your living room is a way to attract good fortune if done properly. Here are a few key guidelines with regard to choosing and hanging artwork in your home.

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  1. Don’t display pictures of fierce aggressive animals or abstract art that appears too threatening.
  2. Don’t hang “dark” artwork.  Anything that is dark or suggests darkness is too yin in nature and suggest death – no good for your walls.
  3. Hang something on the wall that makes you happy!
  4. Always place art that suggests something lucky – for example a picture of a harvesting scene is lucky, people at a picnic outside in the sunshine or some type of picture of togetherness is always lucky.
  5. Hang a picture of your family looking happy and healthy.
  6. Create a “photograph corner” showing pictures of the family together at happy occasions.  When you have pictures showing the family together they will not split and in effect this gives protection because it creates the energy of togetherness.  Misunderstandings will be less.
  7. Don’t hang faded and small pictures – have them big…like a really big family portrait.  Hang it in a central location with everyone smiling.  Make sure the photo is really sharp and clear – really crystal clear so they do not appear to be “fading”.  When a picture is faded it means they could fade away.
  8. Remember the first rule of feng shui is that your room should be uncluttered and allow the energy to flow.  This applies to your artwork and walls as well.  Arrange your photos and artwork so that they can be seen and enjoyed by everyone. Keep it open and airy and free-flowing.