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3 quick feng shui tips to keep your feng shui in sync and effective

I find that many students when they first begin their feng shui practice have difficulty knowing just where to start. This is not surprising considering the number of formulas and plethora of information available today from books and on the Internet…so I’ve outlined 3 quick tips today to help you. Also, when practicing formula feng shui a proper compass should always be used.

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Tip # 1 : A Camera or the Naked Eye?

A good way to start is always to look carefully at the external surroundings of your home or apartment before going into detail about what must be done inside. The best way to do this is to use your phone or camera because the pictures you take will reveal many interesting things and show your home from all angles…you’ll be surprised at how much the photos reveal.

Begin by taking a picture standing inside your main door looking out – so you photograph what is facing you and your front door directly. Examine the photos and look for poison arrows - objects that could be sending harmful and hostile energy (shar chi) towards you. Once you have identified them, you can take the proper steps to deflect or dissolve them using the 5-element theory.

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I cover this theory very thoroughly in my online course Practical Feng Shui For Modern Living” as well as in many of the books I have written on feng shui. The Chinese believe everything in the universe is made up of five types of chi or energy – earth, water, wood metal and fire that interact with each other in a destructive, exhaustive or productive cycle. Once you understand these interactions you are able to manipulate the energy and the manifestation of good luck and bad luck in and around your home or apartment.

Tip # 2: Beware of the Dangers Of Intangible Energy Too

Here is special feng shui tip for you – it’s something that many students aren’t aware of and fail to recognize, even those who have practiced feng shui for a long time. Obstacles and problems can be caused by hostile structures…but they can also come from invisible, intangible energy…like negative chi from unfriendly or hostile neighbours.

Learn to “tune into” the flow of chi… and as you stand at your main door looking out try to feel if the energy coming at you is benevolent good sheng chi or harmful killing chi. If someone is sending hostile energy your way on a regular basis it can be devastating unless you take the proper steps to dissolve it (again using the 5 element theory). So, while feng shui requires technical calculations, it also requires good judgment, common sense and intuitive skills.

Tip # 3: Remember That Things Always Change

No matter where you are in your feng shui practice it’s always good to recheck your surroundings on a regular basis as things can change quickly outside your home or apartment, which may go unnoticed and begin to cause problems. Develop your “feng shui eyes” and remain constantly alert to any changes in your neighbourhood and immediate surroundings…especially if your prosperity luck has diminished or illness has set in. Check rooftops, new buildings and roadways, the street lightning and of course anyone or anything new and unusual in the vicinity.

Good luck!