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3 EASY wealth building tips

People often ask me how they can create and protect wealth chi in their home and office. Here are three key things and some extra hints for you to focus on:

  1. Be Defensive First – Always protect before enhancing. Make it a habit to check for secret poison arrows that may be directly affecting your wealth luck…sharp, straight or hostile objects such as the edges of other buildings or roofs that are angled toward your main entrance or directly facing your desk at work or where you sit and eat at home. Take care of this type of killing chi first as these poison arrows always threaten wealth luck. Don't be like some people who put all the symbolic cures in place first but forget this important step of checking of poison arrows…and then wonder why their money luck is gone or diminishing. Protect your wealth first.
  2. Face Your Sheng Chi Direction – this is your auspicious wealth direction based on your kua number and the Eight Mansions Formula. Memorize this direction and try to sit facing this direction at work…and having your main door face your sheng chi direction is extremely beneficial for wealth luck.
  3. Activate the Southeast - This is the wealth sector…so energizing the wood element of the southeast is very good and you can do this by placing anything related to wood here including young healthy plants which also symbolize growth.

Hint: You can also use beautiful artificial silk plants and flowers…but do not use dried flowers or potpourri as they have too much yin energy.

Another way to energize the wood element in the SE is with water…so a bubbling aquarium in this sector is excellent but be sure it is kept clean and the fish are healthy.

Hint: Fish signify abundance so keep 9 goldfish and be sure one of them is black.

Remember that water is wealth…so if you place a fountain in your entry be sure that the water is flowing inward…towards your house and not away from you. There is no money luck when the water is flowing out…away from you. And remember that feng shui is all about balance so don't overdo it…choose a water fountain that is size appropriate to your surroundings.

Good luck…I wish you much success and prosperity! All of this really works…just try it.